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LG G5 in Canada Will Available with Some New Features

Smartphone has become more and more popular these days. Each year, there are new types of Smartphone that you can find on the market. Before you decide to buy a Smartphone, there are several important aspects that you might need to consider.

One of the most important aspects that you should consider is which brand name of Smartphone that you should buy. Just like other types of gadget, Smartphone came in various choices of brand name these days. Some brand names are quite popular and very well known. However, there are also types of Smartphone that came with less known brand name as well.

lg g5 in canada

LG G5 in Canada Features

If you live in Canada, there are various choices of Smartphone that you can find on the market. This year, one of the latest types of Smartphone that can be found in Canada is LG G5. This Smartphone is the new mobile phone from LG, one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers these days. just like other types of LG G5 that are released worldwide, the LG G5 in Canada offers several new features that will make you get new experiences when using this new Smartphone.

One of the most interesting features that you can find in this Smartphone is Quick Cover. This feature will protect the screen and appears in metallic case form.

OS and Power of LG G5 in Canada

Other notable thing about this new LG G5 in Canada is its OS. As we all know, OS is one of the most essential aspects that will determine the performance of a Smartphone. LG G5 uses Snapdragon 820 processor that is supported with 4GB RAM.

This specification will provide great performance that will allow this Smartphone to perform various heavy duty tasks. This Smartphone uses Android Marshmallow OS, the latest Android OS that is available today. With advanced specifications and the latest OS, LG G5 will allow you to experience the better performance of a Smartphone.


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